What do you mean crystals heal? Whatever!

Healing crystals?  What does that even mean?  How can a crystal make any difference in your life? Apparently their power has been used for centuries for everything from Reiki healing to creating technology.   I know, so what!  

Buy healing crystalsWhat is a healing crystal?

All crystals can be healing crystals.  Crystals are actually everywhere whether you notice them or not. Making up a large part of our planet’s crust, crystals are beneath you and around you. You may not know just how many crystals you come in contact with every day and what effect they have had on your own life and wellbeing to date.

Healing crystals have been used in conjunction with spiritual practice now for a very long time. However, the Western world is still going hmmmmm really??

But what do they actually do?  

The crazy crystal lady isn’t the only one who understands the connective powers and vibrational conductivity capabilities of crystals. Engineers and scientists have long been utilizing the unique power of crystals to create technological advancements for a long time.

While many scientists and engineers have difficulty accepting the spiritual nature of the world around us, they have been wise enough to see they actually have power and their place in science. Crystals have been utilized by scientists and engineers to create the crucial inter-connectivity needed for clocks, computers, and virtually every other piece of technology you own.

The theory is that crystals vibrate at a certain frequency, and certain emotions have frequencies in us.  If we want to increase that feeling vibe we can have crystals close to us that help our frequency rise to that level and become aligned with it.

Even if we believe crystals do not actually do anything, we all know that their is power in setting an intention and where the thoughts go the energy goes and then before you know it you are feeling a different way about a situation.  They are also fun and beautiful to have around so what I know for sure is they cause no harm.  They are reminders in our life to be mindful.

Crystals can only be as powerful as you let them become.


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