Shine the spotlight root chakra crystals – Carnelain

Carnelian healing crystalsLike the sun on a hot summers day encapsulated in a crystal, carnelain is a warming fiery stone. It brings stimulation and empowerment.  It is known to motivate and bring out courage and leadership.  It loves to protect and inspire as it has for many generations.  Traditionally, it was the birthstone of August.

As with all the orange stones, carnelian is an excellent support for balancing the bodies energy levels.   It also is used to attract prosperity and good luck.  Use to to stimulate your ambition and ability to cope with stress in the work environment.  Singers and performers also use carnelian to promote confidence on stage.  In feng shui it is said to protect the home from burglary or accidents.  Promotes idealism and courage to fight for a cause.

Benefits of Carnelian with supporting emotions

  1. Anchors and grounds in the present.

  2. Stimulates creativity.

  3. Protects against anger, rage and resentment.

  4. Alleviates jealousy.

  5. Supports men in mid-life crisis.

How to use Carnelian in your life

  1. Hold it while meditating and/or place it on your Sacral or Root Chakra,

  2. Wear carnelian jewellery – mala beads or bracelet.

  3. Place a piece in a room of your house which needs high energy, use it sparingly.




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