Does your root chakra need balancing? Crystals can rebalance you.

Do you feel like you don’t even know why you are here?  Life is a struggle – money, food, shelter…..all the basic needs in life never seem to be there.  Does this universe even support or want you here?   

The root chakra is your first chakra, it is found at the bottom of your spine. It is associated with the colour red. If this chakra is out of balance you will be feeling really blah and nothing in life will bring you joy.  Are you feeling tired and bored, with a need for constant stimulation?  – it may be time to unblock this chakra.

Physically when this chakra is unbalanced you may have lower back and leg pain as well as an average immune system and physical activity will not bring you any enjoyment.  You may be questioning why you even exist, feeling distant and disconnected from your world and your loved ones.

How to heal the root chakra with healing crystals

Crystals can activate the root chakra and cleanse away the energy that is stuck there.  It will bring in the right energy you need to heal and function.

  1. Meditate with healing gemstones to active the root chakra by placing the stones gently above the pubic bone on your abdomen.

  2. Wear or carry stones on you that have root chakra crystals in them, jewellery is great for this.

  3. Why not try a root chakra crystal elxir – time to buy a crystal elixir drink bottle?

What are the root chakra crystals?

Use your intuition to select the one that feels right for you.  Even better wear or carry  a combination of them.  These are a selection of the best ones:

  1. Carnelian – red for your base chakra.

  2. Tourmaline – not only heals your root chakra but also balance your meridian energy right through your body.

  3. Tiger eye – my personal favorite.

It is possible that you may “see” blobs and splotches of color while your chakras heal.  If you see red it is a good indicator it is working.

I like having a sets of chakra crystals on hand as then I have the tools I need to balance all my chakras.  


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